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Knowledge Base

  1. Companies 

    1. Exporting your Company Files
    2. Using the Company Billing page
    3. Create a new Company
    4. Selecting the currency for your Projects
    5. Update Company Details
  2. Company Inventory 

    1. An Introduction to the Company Inventory
    2. Add new Items to your Company Inventory
    3. Viewing, Editing & Deleting an Inventory Item
    4. Find an inventory item
    5. Creating an Inventory Booking
  3. Invitations & Roles 

    1. Company, Inventory & Project Roles
    2. Company Team Members
    3. Inventory Team Members
    4. Project Team Members
    5. Managing Company Team Members
  4. Locations 

    1. An introduction to Locations in your Company Inventory
    2. What are Managed Locations?
    3. Adding new Locations to your Company Inventory
    4. Editing Locations in your Company Inventory
    5. Deleting Locations from your Company Inventory
  5. StageBitz Mobile App 

    1. FAQs for the Mobile App
    2. Top Tips for the Mobile App
    3. Creating a new Inventory Item with the Mobile App
    4. Find an Item via the Mobile App
    5. Edit an Inventory Item on the StageBitz App
  6. Item Visibility 

    1. Visibility of Items in your Inventory
    2. Changing the visibility of Items in bulk
    3. Changing the visibility of an individual Item
    4. How can I tell what the visibility for an item is?
    5. Why can't I change the visibility for an item?
  7. Item Types 

    1. Using Item Types to organise your Project
    2. Changing the Item Type for an Item Brief
    3. Can I edit or delete Item Types?
    4. Why has my Item Brief List turned into Props?
  8. Trouble-shooting 

    1. I can't.. it's not working... something's broken... Help!
    2. Why can't I see any budget information?
  9. Projects 

    1. Create a new Project
    2. How do I Close a Project?
    3. Rename a Project
    4. Attaching files to your Project
    5. Using Hyperlinks in your Project
  10. Tasks & the Task Manager 

    1. Using the Task Manager
    2. Using the Tasks Tab
    3. What's the red '!' I keep seeing on my Tasks and Budgets?
  11. Budgets 

    1. Itemised Purchase Report
    2. Budget Summary
  12. Dashboards 

    1. Your Personal Dashboard
    2. The Project Dashboard
    3. The Company Dashboard
  13. Updates 

    1. Live Updates Report
    2. Email notifications for Project updates
  14. Item Briefs in a Project 

    1. What are Item Briefs?
    2. Working with the Item Brief List
    3. Attaching files to an Item Brief
    4. Importing Items into your Project
    5. Troubleshooting importing Items from a list
  15. Your personal account 

    1. Activating your StageBitz account
    2. Starting your Free Trial
  16. All articles 

    1. Create a new Project
    2. Activating your StageBitz account
    3. What are Item Briefs?
    4. Using the Task Manager
    5. Completing an Item Brief
    98 articles 

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